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About us

SIA Krastkalnu Ogas is a small family farm rich in energy given by honeysuckle vitamins.

We are located in the sunny Viļķenes parish of Limbažu county, and since 2017 we have been growing the little-known honeysuckle berries, which has resulted in a great harvest of honeysuckle berries for a couple of years now.

In order to give you the taste, vitamins, and minerals of these wonderful berries, we have prepared several products for all tastes. Starting with candies for sweets lovers, up to wines for those enjoying sophisticated evenings. In order to find the most suitable one for you and your loved ones, don't be shy and explore the delicacies available in our website store.

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Our berry nursery

Organic, delicious and vitamin-filled berries.

Coastal Berries

Honeysuckle, like other berry bushes, takes several years to start producing berries. But growing berries is only part of the whole process, it is still necessary to process and prepare the berries so that they can be enjoyed all year round.

Honeysuckle berries and invigorating Currants.

The name of honeysuckle (English - Haskap) comes from the north of Japan. There it means "A berry for a long life and good eyesight!" This is mainly because honeysuckle contains a lot of vitamins and valuable substances.
Honeysuckle is distinguished by the amount of antioxidants in the berries. Also, the content of vitamin C in honeysuckle is one of the highest among berries.